Redskins it is

the soccer stadium with the bright lights

Glass half-full: We’re going to get a stiff test to prepare us for a very tough second round matchup.

Glass half-empty: The only team with a good chance of winning in Seattle is coming to town.

I’ll do lots of analysis on this game in the coming week, but the first things that come to mind are:

  • The Redskins believe they are on a mission from God after the Sean Taylor shooting. Juxtapose that with the Seahawks losing 2 of the past 3. Not good.
  • Every aspect of the Redskins team appears to be peaking. The passing game has faced some suspect secondaries the last few games. Washington does not give up a ton of sacks (11th in the NFL). Pressure may decide the game.
  • Chris Cooley scares me to death. He is exactly the type of player that give the Hawks fits.
  • This will be the best secondary we will have faced all year. It’s a good thing we will have all of our weapons. If Hackett can bounce back, he may be a key player for us. They have the least amount of tape on him, and would likely want to bottle up Nate and his 9 TDs even though all of us that watch the team know that Hackett is a much bigger part of the offense than Nate.
  • Their good secondary means that our emerging running game could come in very handy. Wouldn’t it be crazy if we become a running team in the playoffs?

More to come…