Reaction: Hawks beat Raiders 23-16

the soccer stadium with the bright lights

Not a ton to say about a game that had so few starters involved, but here are my takeaways:

– Duckett and Forsett have swapped roster spots
This is dramatic turnaround from the first two games. Forsett choked. Duckett stepped it up. I still don’t believe Duckett adds much, but he won the 3rd string role. I have no idea what happens with Forsett. He’s done poorly enough that he could make our practice squad after all.

– Seneca Wallace is ready to start
He’s not better than Hass, but he’s better than every QB in our division outside of Marc Bulger, and even that is not certain. He’s on a new level, and that’s great to see.

– Spencer looked fine
Chris Spencer got his first snaps of the year, and looked fine.

– Obamanu and Taylor showed up
They stood out from the other WRs . Obamanu’s injury is of some concern. That could be interesting for Bumpus if Obamanu is out.

– Logan Payne’s best game
Yes, he fumbled on his first reception, but he also caught three balls and made a couple special teams plays, and a nice end around.

– Baraka Atkins was great
Jason Babin played just as great or better, so Atkins better hope there is room for him. He made his presence felt both in rushing the passer and rush defense.

– I think Coutu wins
Coutu hasn’t missed a kick all preseason. His kickoffs are questionable. I can’t see them letting him go. I’d still prefer Mare, but Coutu looks pretty good.

– Red Bryant played more than I expected
He seems healthy and has more stamina than you’d expect for a large man just 4 weeks from surgery.

– Owen Schmitt is awesome
The guy blocks like a madman and hurdles like…well…a madman.

Tomorrow should be an interesting cut day.