Alright, I know the Seahawks stink on the East Coast, and I know they stink at 10 AM PST starts, and I know the national media tends to overlook them…but I look at this game and can’t figure how the Seahawks aren’t the consensus favorites.

Yet, you see 4 of 6 “experts” picking the Bills on ESPN.

Here’s what I see:

– Buffalo was ranked 30th in the NFL on offense and 31st on defense in 2007, and have made modest improvements on defense and very few on offense
– Seattle was ranked 9th on offense and 15th on defense in 2007, and have made significant improvements on offense and moderate improvements on defense
– The Bills are without their best offensive lineman, and his replacement is lined up against Patrick Kerney
– A 2nd year QB vs. a veteran Pro Bowl QB
– One proven quality WR on their side vs. one proven on our side
– Weather is not expected to be a factor

I see more that I’ll share in my official look ahead at the game, but I would be very disappointed if the Hawks don’t get this one. What is the Bills major advantage outside of playing at home?

2 Responses

  1. funballad

    you don’t even want to read what CBS experts say. They don’t even think we can win our division. But as always no one likes South Alaska and wishes we would drop out of the league.