I’m going to make this quick because I need to sleep that crapfest off. I listed a laundry list of items that would be really bad indicators for the Hawks in my preview. Let’s take another look:

X Matt QB rating under 80
X More than 1 sack by the Bills
X More than 1 turnover
O More than 130 yards rushing for the Bills
X Bills special teams TDs
X Bills score more than 14 points
O 50%+ 3rd down conversions for Bills

That’s one place that going 5-7 is not good. I’ll be the first to admit that the WR situation was more of an issue than I expected. It was night and day from what we had seen against first team defenses in the preseason. Matt looked rattled and rusty. The offensive line was bad, and Rob Sims looked every bit the rag doll he was last season. Why the hell was Jeb Putzier getting all the throws early instead of Carlson? Carlson certainly looked deserving of more opportunities.

The running game looked exactly like last year, the punting was horrible, there was no pressure on the QB, the injuries were significant. And on and on and on…

I would like to say, “Remember that we got destroyed in Jacksonville in our opener in 2005, and that turned out okay,” but even in that game Shaun averaged almost 7 yards/carry and there was something to build on. The offense was a disaster in almost all aspects. Dropped passes more than any of the other problems must stop…now.

The defense actually looked better than the score indicates. They were very solid against a good running team. I thought Brandon Mebane, in particular, was stout.

The Bills defense played a superior game. They kept the pressure on all game and dictated to the Hawks offense. Give them credit for a good showing. Their offense is not good enough to make the playoffs, but if they get to face a few more teams that play as crappy as the Hawks did today, who knows?

I’m a Bills fan now. The more they win, the better it is for the Hawks at this point.

Let’s start the season again in seven days.

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6 Responses

  1. funballad

    How about them Falcons? They may surprise people this year and have a winning season.
    Ok, enough with the distraction. I agree we start the new season in a week. Who do you think is gonna get the hook tomorrow and put on waivers? Unless one of the injuries is season ending i believe Jennings and {the PUTZ}Putzier Deserve the axe myself. But knowing Holmy as i think i do, my belief is that coutu and Forsett will get thier walking papers in hopes of making it to the practice squad. Holmy had both on inactive list and he showed today he won’t change his mind easily even when confronted with the facts. Too bad, I ready like Holmy but i hate how stubborn he can be.

  2. funballad

    Ohh, BTW i am an atlanta transplant, about 35 years ago i was raised there and been a portlander ever since so atlanta Falcons have always had a soft spot for me.

  3. hawkblogger

    I certainly would have been less critical of signing Michael Turner than Jones and Duckett.

    Although, just like last year, you can’t gain yards without blocking.

  4. funballad

    you said it hawk girl. I am still swearing at the tree in my backyard. My tree is now a mess that i “Pruned” after the game. Was I mad and i will see how mad i was for years to come. It wasn’t even the trees fault. It just had to grow and the leafs got in the way of my satelite. Can anyone tell me why Kent wasn’t listed to play? He wasn’t listed as inactive either.

  5. funballad

    Forsett to colts,
    looks like patching the present so Big Mike gets his final shot at the brass ring is more important than the future.