Game Threads: Seahawks @ Bucs

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As I write this, the St Louise Rams are beating the Cowboys 21-7. I’m also watching backup Bengals QB Ryan Fitzpatrick shredding the Steelers. Do these things make me hopeful we can pull off a big upset today or piss me off since other teams seem to be able to pick themselves up off the turf more than my beloved Hawks? A little from column A, and a little from column B.

My biggest hope for today is that Seneca is healthy enough that we get a glimpse of what he can do in charge of the team. I saw a starting QB in him during the preseason. He was a passable backup when he subbed for Matt two years ago, but he looked far more confident running the team earlier this year.

Realistically, we’re setup for a serious butt whupping tonight. I’ve already started evaluating who might be available in 2009 draft class if we get a top 10 pick. The struggling offense is certainly part of that, but it’s our defense that is the real issue. We don’t have injury issues to point a finger at on that side of the ball.

It was inexcusable for our defense to surrender 27 points against the Packers at home last week. Lofa talked a lot of shit in the preseason about how they were going to shut out five teams this season. I don’t think we’ve shut out a team for a single quarter yet!

The nice thing is that it will be hard for the Seahawks to disappoint tonight. See ya here.

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