First Reactions: Hawks Beat Rams 28-0

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– I feel like I need to take a shower after that game. 28-0 never felt so unsatisfying.

– Gotta give props to the o-line: 0 sacks, 4.9 YPC, very few QB pressures.

– Can’t remember the last Seahawks TD run over 50 yards.

– Housh was double and triple-teamed all day. He looked frustrated, and seemed to have some words for the Seahawks sideline about play calling. Something to watch.

– Carlson is going to tear the league up this season. The one thing we absolutely got from today was opponents needing to account for our TE, which should help our other receivers.

– Our defense gets a shutout with very few memorable plays. Any tackles for a loss? Can’t remember any. A few sacks, but no consistent pressure.

– Richie Incognito simply cannot be good enough to be worth the crap he pulls. Every game I’ve seen him play in college or the pros, he’s done stuff like this. He will be out of the league and in jail within five years. Mark it down.

– Matt looked horrible in the first half. He was forcing balls for no good reason.

– There was a LOT of extra curricular activity in this game. I’ve never seen a Seahawks game with this much jawing. We should expect everything the Rams have when we visit them later in the season. Hopefully, we’re twice the team we were today by then.

– Aaron Curry was good, but not great today. Nobody on defense with more than 5 tackles.

– The Rams secondary was either really good, or our passing game is not what I thought it would be. Our receivers were well covered all day. I know we piled up the yards, but there was not a bunch of space to make plays.

– Give Lawrence Jackson his due. The man played a good game. He was on the field way more than I expected him to be.

– Give Josh Wilson his due. He was the best DB on the field today.

– Will Herring and David Hawthorne played well.

– Housh and Carlson are on pace for 96 catches a piece, and Nate is on pace for 112. 🙂

Note: Just saw a Hawks fan predict we finish 11-4. Did the schedule shorten?