First Reactions: Hawks lose 25-19

Growing up a Seahawks, Mariners and Trail Blazers fan has led to heartache on many occasions. I’ve learned to steel myself against the pain and frustration by trying to call a spade a spade, and not kid myself into thinking my team is better than it is. To that end, I give you the 2009 Seattle Seahawks, down 9 starters after three games, and likely already playing for next season. A victory today, no matter how flawed, would have meant the glimmer of hope remained for 2009. Similarly, a loss, no matter how hard fought, destines us for a certain 1-3 and likely 1-4. And folks, this is the easy part of our schedule.

Now, as I throw cold water on any of you optimists out there, I will say this: I thought we should have waived Lawrence Jackson to start this season. Eating crow is welcomed when it means I’ve underestimated my team or its players.

There are no moral victories today, but there were some clear heroes and goats.


  • David Hawthorne – Heater played a winning game today. 16 tackles, 1 INT, 1 FF (nullified by the worst officiating decision of this short season). We explain away why Lofa and other LBs end up with 5-6 tackles, but Hawthorne proves that a willing LB can be in on more plays behind this line.
  • Nate Burleson – 9 rec 109 yards and countless tough catches
  • Julius Jones – Played a man’s game. Fought for tough yards, including a memorable push on a 3rd and 1. Was underutilized.
  • Aaron Curry – Curry barely makes the list because he made a huge play rushing the QB and forcing a key fumble. He made some head-slapping misses in the open field, but gave us a little ray of hope for better play to come.
  • Offensive line – The fill-ins played admirably. The Bears were bringing it all game, and they protected well and run blocked well.


  • Olindo Mare – Two missed FGs, lose by six points. Nuff said.
  • Greg Knapp – Trick play on a critical 3rd and 1, 19 carries for Julius Jones who was averaging over 6 YPC most of the game, and a running play on a makable 3rd down before halftime.
  • Officials – Overturning that forced fumble decided the game. They took away a great play that the team desperately needed and deserved for no reason. No angle showed anything conclusive. Just a horrible call at a horrible time.
  • Housh – I’ve been a huge fan, but he lost me this week leaving Matt out there to dry and complaining about the lack of balls thrown his way. His fumble was inexcusable. Secure the ball.