Vince Young Is A Seahawks Possibility

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Chris Sullivan (30AcreFortress Blogger), Scott Enyeart (college football writer and Pete Carroll whisperer) and I got together for conversation tonight. I will post the results of that discussion in another post. One juicy tidbit that emerged was the possibility of Vince Young coming to Seattle. The three of us don’t always agree. I think we should upgrade Lofa Tatupu, they don’t. They were ready to move on from Matt Hasselbeck, I wasn’t. On Vince Young, though, we all agreed it could happen.

Pete Carroll took questions on Twitter tonight. Take a look at his answers to these two questions:

So we know he’s set to announce a starter on Saturday. He also is saying the QB situation is going to get better the same day. He could just mean that Tavaris Jackson will be officially signed on Friday. That would seem odd. Scott, Chris and I agree Pete’s personality is a little more playful than that. He also clearly wanted to bring in three QBs, but lost Leinart, so it would be logical to expect another one to be added to the pile. If he did have something to announce then about the QB situation, what might it be? Carson Palmer is totally out of the picture with what Mike Brown said this week. Why not Vince Young?

Here are the reasons it could happen:

  1. Carroll has a tremendous amount of respect for Young who beat his USC team in the National Championship game. Anyone who has listened to him read his Win Forever book when he talks about Young, knows how highly Carroll regards Young.
  2. Young shares a few things with Matt Leinart, who Carroll already tried to bring in before he re-signed with the Texans. Both were high draft picks. Both washed out with their first team. Both are douches.
  3. Young has better numbers than any of the other QBs on the roster, or Leinart. More wins (30-17 as starter). Better winning %. Betting QB rating (98.6 last year, 82.8 in 2009).
  4. No team appears to be interested in signing Young as a starter. Seattle could offer low contract with escalators for playing time. This might be his best chance to actually remain a starter.
Remember, the contracts Carroll is signing these QBs to makes them waivable with little, or no, cost. Three quarterbacks may start on the training camp roster, but likely only two would remain with the team after camp exits. A cheap, older vet could be signed as the 3rd string guy. Someone like Jake Delhomme. Wait and see. Saturday will be informative in any event.
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