New Series Coming To Hawk Blogger: To Suck Or Not To Suck

Are you one of the fans that finds yourself conflicted about whether the Seahawks are better off winning this year or losing? Maybe you subscribe to the belief that mediocrity begets mediocrity. Teams that lose big get the highest draft picks, and any one of those picks can turn around the fortunes of a franchise. Or, you might be the fan that subscribes to the Herm Edwards philosophy of, “You play…to win…the game!” People in that camp likely point to teams like the Steelers and Patriots that perennially contend while drafting near the bottom of the first round each year.

I honestly do not know the answer. I admit to feeling a little empty sitting in the stands while the Seahawks beat the Rams for the division title last year. Winning always feels good, but it felt like a classic example of winning the battle while losing the war. All Seahawks fans know that this team needs a franchise quarterback. The Suck For Luck campaign has broken out across the country, with Seattle being no exception. When the Seahawks beat the Giants last week, many fans faced the reality that having the worst record in football may be almost as unlikely for the Seahawks as having the best record. Unlucky. Or, maybe not.

In a series that will run as long as I find new ways to analyze the question, I will be exploring whether a franchise has a better chance to win the Super Bowl by enduring terrible seasons to get the highest draft picks or if winning truly does beget winning.

Look for the first few articles of this series to show up this week, starting with an analysis of where every winning Super Bowl quarterback was drafted. Coming soon will be a review of where All-Pro players, the best of the best, were drafted. There will also be an evaluation of Super Bowl winning teams, and the drafts that preceded their championships. Fans should exit this series with more confidence about whether they can drop the “bitter” from “bittersweet” during Seahawks victories, or if each win this year is stealing many wins in the future.