Receivers Not Open? You Decide

The debate rages on about the Seahawks passing game and the quarterback situation. One prominent argument has been that Seattle needs to upgrade the receiving corps because Russell Wilson has nobody to pass to. I wrote last week about two egregious errors Wilson made in the Packers game. I wrote after the Cardinals game showing there were zero drops, and a number of impressive catches in a game many used to criticize the receivers. I present, without commentary, every single one of his pass attempts versus the Rams. Make note of which receivers he throws to. Make note of protection. You decide if there are receivers open.

NOTE: Click to enlarge the images

COMPLETE to Rice (top circle) for 17

Wilson scrambles for 8
COMPLETE to Rice (right-most circle) for 16

COMPLETE to Tate for 7

COMPLETE to Miller (middle circle) for 9
COMPLETE to Turbin (left-most circle) for 6
COMPLETE to Miller (top circle) for 10
COMPLETE to Miller (middle) for 13
INCOMPLETE to Tate (top circle) 3rd & 2

COMPLETE to Turbin (top) for 7

INTERCEPTED on pass to Baldwin (middle)

INCOMPLETE pass to Rice (top)

SACK on 3rd and 3
INTERCEPTED on pass to Rice (top)

COMPLETE to Lynch (top) for 5

COMPLETE to Lynch (uncircled near 20) for 16

COMPLETE to McCoy (left) for 15

COMPLETE to Rice for 5

INCOMPLETE to Rice (uncircled in endzone near logo) 3rd and 4
Miller reaction after incompletion to Rice
COMPLETE to Lynch (right) for 8

INCOMPLETE to Tate (top) 

SACK 3rd and 9
INCOMPLETE to Baldwin (top)

COMPLETE to Baldwin (bottom) for 10

COMPLETE to Rice (bottom) for 3

COMPLETE to Lynch (middle) for 8

INTERCEPTED to McCoy (red circle)