Passer / QB Rating For Quarterbacks Excel Formula

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This is a post for the geeky minority of you, who like me, have been unhappy with the search results thus far for what you would think should be all over the InterWebs. Passer rating, or quarterback rating (QB rating) as some incorrectly refer to it, is among the most convoluted of all long-time NFL statistics. There are sites out there that will show you an Excel formula for it that looks terrific until you put in especially high touchdowns per pass attempt, or interceptions per pass attempt, or yards per pass attempt. Then, you start getting ratings that are not possible because there is a minimum rating of 0.0 and a maximum rating of 158.3. My sincere hope is, that by posting not one, but three solutions submitted to me by readers, football geeks everywhere can raise their game.

The first solution was submitted by Benjamin Hall.

It passed all of my tests, and be downloaded here  (you will need to choose File>Download).

The second excel formula was submitted by Patton Richard.

It passed my tests as well. You can download that spreadsheet here.

UPDATE: A third solution was passed along that allows you to calculate the rating in a single cell, without the need to have a bunch of hidden cells in the background. This is very useful if you want to drag it across a series of rows where you have attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns and interceptions already filled in.

This solution comes from Jason Reilly

So there you have it. Link to this page from your sites, and share the link with others so that future football geeks may have an easier time finding this, and less time using annoying online calculators. Geeks unite!

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