A Few Russell Wilson Trends

Certain seasons, certain players require a little extra attention. The first superstar franchise quarterback merits that, and this season has qualified as special thus far. As such, I have been tracking Russell Wilson stats each and every week. And not just what you get in the box score. I can tell you how he has performed on third down, in the red zone, when the team is ahead, when they are behind, when he throws over 20 yards, when he throws to the left, the right, the middle. It was the only was I knew how to quantify the growth he is demonstrating and the challenges he is facing from week to week. People love to talk about small sample sizes when it comes to breaking down trends. The NFL is a 16-game season. Trends are measured by quarter, by series. Something that happens over the course of three games is worth paying attention to. With that in mind, here is a first look at some items that stood out to me when examining Wilson’s progress to this point in the year.

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