Russell Wilson’s World Of Wonders (Sneak Peek)

Defensive backs take part of their traditional pregame huddle before taking the field for warmups.
Come one, come all, and behold, Russell Wilson’s World of Wonders. He runs! He throws! He runs and throws! is proud to announce to an upcoming opening of a shrine to the improbable splendor of the Seahawks young phenom behind center. Readers will be able to find a collection of Wilson’s most jaw-dropping moments, and it is sure to grow for years to come. 
Seahawks fans can start today, by enjoying some of Wilson’s fantastic plays against the Cardinals this past Thursday.
Wilson punctuates Seattle’s first possession of the day by avoiding the rush, back-pedaling, and throwing a dart 45 yards down-field off his back foot to Sidney Rice in perfect stride for the touchdown.
Wilson stares down a blitz by the Cardinals on 3rd and 8, and scrambles to his right before throwing what looks like a desperation heave that finds the hands of Rice again for a first down, that eventually led to points for Seattle.
Wilson throws the second of his three touchdowns to Zach Miller in perfect rhythm and with remarkable accuracy between two defenders and in a spot only Miller could make the play.
This play defies physics, and infuriates defenders. Wilson turns a sure sack on 3rd down to a first down by heaving a pass to Miller without his knee hitting the ground.
Wilson’s best throw of the day came late in the game. This is a play that will baffle those that still want to believe Wilson is too short to see open receivers. Watch Golden Tate from the beginning, and try to keep track of him. This was a throw Wilson had to make to a spot, and did so perfectly while backing up. 
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