Handy Super Bowl Odds Site

The line for the game opened in favor of the Seahawks slightly, but quickly switched over to the Broncos because of money coming in on that side of the ledger. The line will continue to move over the next two weeks, and while I do not normally discuss betting much here, I know a lot of you like to make it part of your Super Bowl parties. This site, Sportsbook Review, has real-time odds for the Seahawks vs. Broncos match-up across a variety of sports books. I find it a handy reference and thought you might as well.

It is no shock that the public is flocking to the more well known team. They have little respect for the Seahawks offense, and assume Peyton Manning is just impossible to stop. A number of Vegas sports books have been quotes as saying that if the line had opened as -2 for the Broncos, the money probably would have come in on the Seahawks and been a -1 or less for the Broncos by now. Bottom line, this is a very difficult match-up to assess for Vegas, but the weather could cause the line to move a lot as the forecast gets more certain.

The prop bets are always the most fun. You can get odds on who will win the coin toss, who scores first, whether the first score will be a touchdown or a field goal, and a host of others. There are also plenty of props around the players themselves. What is the over/under on Golden Tate receiving yards? Marshawn Lynch rushing yards? Who will be the Super Bowl MVP?

The current favorite is Manning, but Russell Wilson and Lynch are second and third in the list. Guess who is fifth, after Demaryius Thomas? Percy Harvin. Wouldn’t that be a trip? The loquacious Richard Sherman comes in behind him. Michael Bennett will be unhappy to know that he has the same odds as Steven Hauschka of winning the SB MVP.

All the scoring props favor the Broncos, and could be a great place to take advantage of what we know, and the rest of the world does not; the Seahawks offense can score on that Broncos defense, and that Broncos offense will have a harder time scoring than people realize. There has to be some of the best odds to take advantage of there.

Whatever you do, just make sure there is plenty of food, drink and friends around to make the good and the bad a little bit better.