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Must Have Gifts for Seahawks Fans

Buying a gift for someone is never easy. How do you know that they don’t already have it? Or, worse, they might not even like what you buy. You know what it’s like, you can spends hours walking round the local mall and still leave with nothing interesting. It can be very frustrating. One guaranteed way to ensure your friend or family loves their present, though, is to treat them to some merchandise from their favorite team – the Seahawks of course! To help you on your way we’ve put together a Top 5 list of more unusual Seahawks inspired gifts for your loved one, which you can even buy online. In fact, they’re so good you might just want to get them all:

1: Seahawks Sugar Skull T-Shirt

What kind of t-shirt do you get the Seahawks fan that has it all? Well this unusual sugar skill t-shirt might just be the unique gift you’ve been searching for. This navy t-shirt, which features the legendary Number 12,is designed in true Seahawks colors. Instantly recognizable to other fans, this t-shirt is still subtle enough to not look too much like a football shirt. Available in sizes S to 3XL.

2: Seahawks Knit Hat

Every football fan needs their team’s knit hat. Not only will it keep you warm in the winter, but it means that when you’re walking down the street and see a fellow Seahawks fan you can give each other an approving nod.

3: Seahawks Poker Chip

If you’re looking to buy a gift for a Seahawks fan who also likes to dabble in poker then this official NFL lucky poker chip is the perfect gift. Indeed, even if they don’t play poker this could still make for a cool little gift. After-all, poker isn’t that hard to learn.

4: Seahawks Beer Mug

If you’re watching the game in the house with friends you’ll want to look the part. Sure beer in a can or bottle is fine, but drinking beer out of your awesome new Seahawks beer mug will make you look all the more impressive. In fact, this gift will make any Seahawks fan the envy of all their friends.

5: Seahawks Sensory Toys

For the younger Seahawks fans these football-inspired sensory soft blocks are pretty adorable.

Your kid can play away and learn their ABC’s while you admire the brilliant design. Plus you can never start too early with helping your kids decide on their favorite team, you don’t want your offspring growing up to be a 49ers fan, do you?

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