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6 Tips for Staying Fit During the NFL Season

The return of football is one of life’s great joys. Fans get to escape the stresses of daily life and indulge in a frivolous game that brings friends and family together. Fun, though, is not the only indulgence. The typical NFL fan gains an average of 10 pounds per season, according to two different surveys. Who doesn’t love a good beer (or three), a plate of nachos, wings, and whatever else finds its way onto your pregame table? One Seahawks fan wants to help fellow 12s enjoy the upcoming season without sacrificing their health and self-esteem. I recently spoke with Blake Johnson of Manifest Fitness, who offered six simple tips for staying fit during the Seahawks run.

A little about Blake

Johnson lives in Waco, Texas now, but lived in Bremerton back in 2001 after being in Colorado. The Seahawks became a part of his Northwest passion.

“I got to really watch Shaun Alexander work his magic,”  Johnson said, “and they converted me from a Bronco fan.”

He lists Earl Thomas as his current favorite player, and has #gohawks at the bottom of his fitness site. Most of his clients still come from the NW even after he moved to Texas. Give him a follow on Twitter and talk Hawks or fitness!

Is Blake Johnson crazy? Maybe, but the dude knows fitness.

Blake’s tips for eating right during football season

1. Focus on calorie dense snacks, such as fruit and veggies, granola, and even spreads like guacamole.

It will reduce the impulse to overeat and replace the low nutritional snacks popular with football games.

2. Stay hydrated!

Drinking water throughout the game will not only help your body function properly, but reduce the desire to drink less than stellar beverages. Added bonus: it will reduce the effects of a hangover.

3. Stay active.

Whether it’s getting a workout/run in before the game or doing jumping jacks during the commercials, moving around will keep your body burning the fuel you’re consuming during the game.

4. Eat before the game

This will reduce your appetite and allow you to enjoy the game without overeating.

5. Eat, don’t drink, your calories.

Beer, sodas, and other beverages popular with football tend to be packed with cheap calories that add up quickly.

6. Bring gum.

Seriously, chewing gum can trick your body into thinking it isn’t hungry.


In terms of my clients, adjusting to what they like is the most helpful. The biggest improvement I’ve seen with weight loss clients was getting rid of those liquid calories and instead focusing on eating dense foods.


The jury is out how well I will be able to follow Blake’s advice, but I’m going to give it a shot and see if I can avoid shopping for elastic waistbands by the time December rolls around.