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Hawkblogger staff writers Jeff Simmons, Evan Hill, William Cornell and Nathan Ernst take part in a heated therapy session and vent their frustrations after one of the most disappointing and frustrating losses of the Pete Carroll era against the Washington Redskins this past Sunday.


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2 Responses

  1. Wigman

    The commitment to the run is the correct move. The problem is the outcome of that effort . Tom Cable has been given this one job and has failed beyond explanation. How can you guys talk So long about what is wrong and not mention that Cable is the problem . If you want Russ to play better in bad weather or play well vs good teams or end games by grinding out the clock or having less penity problems or win in the playoffs the hawks have to run block better. This is not going to happen with the current blocking system and coach. Oh and cut Lacy.

  2. Eddie

    Why make such an idiotic statement that if the two teams played 100 times, the Seahawks would win 99 of them? Please don’t pull numbers (*especially* nit 99% or 99.999%) out of your ass like that — it’s so lazy, and so insulting of your audience’s intelligence. Using Vegas’ closing odds — the most accurate measure known — the Seahawks had about a 78% likelihood of winning the game (which would have taken two or three minutes to look up and figure out).