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The Seahawks have struggled the last two games and are now dealing with major injury issues. The Falcons appear to be healthy and ready to turn their season around. Softy and Brian discuss just how dire things are for the good guys, and call out some places where there is hope.

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  1. My gosh Brian, do you (and particularly Softy) think it is really that bad? I for one am excited to see how the D steps up to the challenge of playing without Sherman in particular and to see how the O breaks out after the mini-bye. The Seahawks have a pattern of picking it up in November/December and I am looking for a big game in prime time, which we have seen so many times before. Might the Seahawks lose? Sure–it is the NFL and the Falcons are a good team. But I expect to see a Seahawks team that is fired up and ready to rock on Monday night.

    Injuries can be devastating. If the Seahawks lost Russell it would likely doom the season, and we can see how Green Bay has fared without Rogers. But because the Seahawks DO have Russell–the guy that plays with a dislocated jaw, won’t quit, plays his best when his back is to the wall–you can never bet against them. We are going to see “Always Compete” on display on Monday as players step up and into bigger roles. Will they be ready? We have seen some evidence that they will be as the snaps lost to Avril’s injury allowed some depth talent to shine (and hello, Dion Jordan!).

    The biggest factor on Monday will be getting Earl back (as is likely based on the Friday practice report). As you say on the podcast, Earl is likely the Seahawks’ best player, period. With Earl, the CBs will be ok MacDougald has had enough live fire experience in the D now that he should know his fits even at SS to replace Kam. I really do think our D will be ok, with dominant DL play on Monday.

    As for Mike Davis–is he a savior for the run game? Expecting 2012 Lynch to reappear would be asking too much and is unrealistic, but this is a guy with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove, with fresh legs. IF (big if) Duane Brown and Joeckel are both back, the left side of the line should be able to open some running lanes. Flares to McKissack will work well, and he is another player that will be very motivated to play well vs his former team.

    The glass is definitely half full!

  2. Until Seattle addresses the O-line( especially the right side ) they will be lucky to ever have a decent run game or even make the playoffs ! Watch the other top teams and see what a real pocket looks like ( since we rarely get to see it here ) . I say Tom cable needs to not be involved anymore in choosing O-linemen or even have a say and maybe they should actually be looking for a new O-line coach ( what about the job the guy has done in Washington ). The window of opportunity is closing with this group and the reason they probably won’t get back to the mountain top and have a run game is clearly the O-line !

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