And….we’re done

Defensive backs take part of their traditional pregame huddle before taking the field for warmups.

Maybe it’s the beer, but I feel surprisingly at peace with a total meltdown loss to end our season. As I told HawkBloggerWife, it wasn’t like there was one killer play or call that turned the game around. We got our asses kicked. We could play that game ten times again, and we would lose by at least 22 each time.

We had no answer on defense, and no spirit on offense. I knew from the very first stretch play the Packers ran for seven yards that we were in for a long day. It was thrilling to go up 14-0. I was proud to see the team take advantage of the two turnovers.

We got beat by a clearly better team today, and I’d take that over what happened in 2005.

Let’s draft a RB, sign Tru and Alan Faneca and find a tight end. Thanks for making my football season more enjoyable.

I will post on occasion when I’ve got something to say.