Reaction: Hawks “lose” to Chargers 18-17

The Hawks are 3-0 in my book. Maybe we should thank that ref for making a crap pass interference call on Hobbs and a crap TD call one play later because it takes the pressure off our win streak. Joking…

For the third straight game, the Hawks played with regular season precision. They have not really played a complete game yet with great offense in games 1 and 3 and great defense in game 2.

A few general notes:

– We may have seen a hint of how Holmgren plans to make due until our WRs get healthy with 6 catches from our TEs (3 Putzier, 2 Carlson, 1 Heller). There were also 5 to our backfield players. That means 10 of our 21 completions were not to WRs. I thought the plays to the TEs were especially encouraging. They were low risk, solid plays that generally picked up at least 8 yards.

– The running game was again very solid, putting up 162 yards against a quality defense. They have done it twice on the road. Having a solid running game on the road makes all the difference. It does not appear to matter who is in the backfield. They are all getting yards. It’s clearly the biggest change since last season.

– The defense still has not proven itself on the road. It was good to see them stiffen in the second half, but it looked alarmingly similar to the way they looked on the road last season.

It was an important game for roster decisions, and there were some significant plays in that regard.

The Good
TJ Duckett
Duckett was the leading rusher in limited time. He looked like someone lit a fire under his butt because he came out running hard. I still believe that style is extremely limited, but give him credit for looking like an NFL back tonight.

Charlie Frye
Holmgren probably saw enough to feel that Seneca can do a little WR stuff. I heard the guy get interviewed and he clearly is no Matt Hasselbeck in the personality or brains department, but he managed the game well tonight.

Jason Babin
This guy simply must make the team at this point. He had our only sack, and is actually making a case for a spot in the regular DE rotation. He certainly has done more than Lawrence Jackson or Daryll Tapp the past two games.

Mo Morris
Looked solid going for 6.2 YPC. Nice pre-season thus far for Mo.

Julius Jones
I thought Jones played better than his numbers indicated. He had one rush for a decent loss that skewed the stats, but all in all, he ran well between the tackles. He may be better at that than Morris.

Jordan Kent
He really has come into his own this year. A number of clutch catches and tough catches, including another TD. He’s forced his way onto the roster. Does it come at the expense of Obamanu?

Jeb Putzier
Looks like he can be a contributor in the two TE set. That’s a nice luxury. Just wait until you see Holmgren line up on 4th and short and send both his TEs out into patterns for a big gain.

Courtney Taylor
Not a great day, but he makes catches with people around him. That’s key because he doesn’t appear to get open all that often. He’s physical and aggresive. I like him, but want to see more consistent contributions.

Kevin Hobbs
This guy would be competing for a starting role on some teams. He’s really played well. At 6’0″, 190 lbs, this guy is a real asset. Jordan Babineaux’s time may be coming to an end in the next year or so with Hobbs hanging around.

Ryan Plackemeier
Three punts for an average of 52.7 yards. That’s pretty good. Bye bye, Reggie Hodges.

The Bad
Justin Forsett
The Hawkblogger curse lives! Thank goodness it doesn’t matter that much who our 3rd string RB will be. Forsett sucked in all aspects of the game. His returning was horrible, letting balls bounce on punts that should have been caught. He fumbled and was so-so with his other carries. He looked like success had become pressure. That’s too bad. He still has to make the team because we can’t afford to have another team snag him.

Lawrence Jackson
He got owned quite a few times and was invisible when he wasn’t getting owned. I’d like to start seeing some more plays from Mr. #1.

Howard Green
HOG, where were you? Sproles should be in your belly. “Get in my belly!”

Ben Obamanu
I thought I was pushing the envelope earlier this week talking about the potential that he gets cut, but that is possible with how poorly he’s played. Very odd. He was such a stud last pre-season.

Logan Payne
I really want this guy to suceed, but he’s not contributing the way I’d hoped.

Barraka Atkins
Babin is eating his lunch. Atkins was shutout. Did he even play?

Olindo Mare
Missing that 50 yarder was a big deal. Coutu was 5-5 with a game winner last week. His kickoffs were also weaker today.