Our season was in critical, yet stable condition heading into this week. We flatlined multiple times today against a horribly mediocre 49ers team at home, before applying the paddles and getting a couple beats before the sheet got pulled over our faces.

A defense that returned every starter, and was unbeatable at home, fell flat on its face. I have never seen a game where a QB gets sacked 8 times, but still has all day to throw. At least half those sacks came because of coverage that forced him to hold the ball for 5+ seconds.

We got some really unfortunate calls made against us in the first half on phantom pass interference penalties. We also benefited from the most positive blocked punt I’ve ever seen.

The running game was as good as we’ve seen since 2005. I cannot remember another drive in the last 3 years where we just pushed a team downfield, often running straight up the gut. Julius Jones ran hard. Mike Wahle flattened people. The pass protection was acceptable, and maybe even good. Carlson is the player we wanted him to be. That’s about where the positives end.

Losing to the 49ers at home has dreadful implications. I will take a look at our upcoming schedule later this week, but I think it’s safe to say 12-4 is not going to happen.

Brace yourself for a week full of stats regarding how rare it is for an 0-2 team to make the playoffs.