Watch the replay of the Richard Sherman chat

Defensive backs take part of their traditional pregame huddle before taking the field for warmups.
We had a great time last night talking with future All-Pro Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman last night.

You can see the replay embedded below in the post from last night, or click here to see it directly on the Spreecast site. There are apparently some challenges with Chrome right now and Flash, so you may want to try a different browser if there are any problems watching.

Sherman and I talked about Steve Smith, what he’s learned facing greats like Larry Fitzgerald, Greg Jennings and Steve Smith in the first part of the year, how Brandon Browner has developed, and how he handles all the people that cling to celebrities.

I spent 20-30 minutes answering some questions at the end. It was fun. We’ll do it again sometime.

Huge thanks to Richard for putting up with some technical difficulties, and taking time out of his night to hang with fans.