SUPER BOWL: Do Not Count On Sacks

50 yard line on an american football field
Seattle signed some great pass rushers this off-season with Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett. Clinton McDonald has upped his pass rush game, and a slew of other Seahawks have contributed to a much improved pass rush. Expecting them to get to Peyton Manning during the Super Bowl is probably asking too much.
Manning has only been sacked more than once six times out of 18 games. Only three teams have managed more than two sacks against him this year. The key to Manning’s ability to stay upright is his quick decision-making and delivery.

According to, he was second-best in the NFL in average time to throw. Manning got rid of the ball in an average of 2.5 seconds. Only Tom Brady at 2.47 was better. Russell Wilson was dead last in this category, throwing an average of 3.35 seconds after the snap.

One of the best ways Wilson can improve his play over the coming years is getting rid of the ball quicker. That comes from being decisive. Being decisive comes from experience. For now, only 39% of his passes are throw in under 2.5 seconds. Manning, on the other hand, throws 55% of his passes in less than 2.5 seconds. Good luck getting a hand on him there.

Bennett and Avril and company can still make life tough for Manning by collapsing the pocket, but getting Manning to the ground is a realistic goal.