Softy and I are a little angry about the state of the offense and about how people are oversimplifying the problem. I have a bone to pick with Darrell Bevell, and offer some reasons why the offensive line is getting too much grief.



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  1. Josiah White

    Brian, I completely agree with you about it being mostly Bevell’s fault, rather than our improved offensive line. For me, just like for you, the Patriot-Texan game shed a lot of light on the subject.

    We’ve got better players than the Patriots do, and it’s not even close. But that game showed how much great coaching matters, because the Pats won that game with their coaching.

    Maybe the single best thing Belichick does is to hire great coordinators. Their offense is about doing the unexpected, and doing what works. Bevell’s more about “establishing the run,” as though it’s a duty, even when it’s unsuccessful.

    We’ve got every bit as much talent on offense as New England does. All we need is someone who knows how to make use of our incredible players.

    There are some folks who think we’ve got the second best coaching staff in the league. Maybe we do, maybe we don’t. But one thing is for sure, and that’s the fact that the Patriots are in first place by a country mile. I may not like their lack of ethics, but they can sure coach like nobody’s business.

  2. Coug1990

    I just listed to the podcast. It is after the SF game. Brian, it is complete comedy the whining you had during this podcast.