After an expectedly ugly game against the Los Angeles Rams, the Seattle Seahawks are looking to bounce back in what many call a “get wall” game against the Niners. Multiple players have been listed on this week’s injury report, including Thomas Rawls, Tyler Lockett, Doug Baldwin, and others. Barring any setbacks, the Seahawks will look to these key offensive players to spark a change in the offensive momentum. Through just two games the Seahawks have scored a total of 15 total points. It’s time for that to change. Let’s dive right in.


Russell Wilson

Wilson is making an obvious repeat appearance on the list. In Sunday’s loss to the Rams, Russell lacked his normal explosiveness and ability to scramble. However, he seems to be recovering from his ankle sprain without any hiccups. Head Coach Pete Carroll gave us an update this week:

“He looked better than last week starting the week,” coach Pete Carroll said. “He’s ahead.”

Additionally, Sunday’s game plan appears to be trending towards Seattle’s typical offensive goals:

“Hopefully we can get him on the edge & create damage” said Pete Carroll.

Seattle’s offense thrives on Wilson’s ability to scramble. If his explosiveness has returned, look for things to tick upward. Take specific note on how long Wilson holds onto the ball, his trust in the pocket, and his explosiveness when scrambling. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope our star quarterback is gaining full steam again.


The Run Game

For the most part the run game was nearly nonexistent against the Rams. The first half was abysmal but blocking seemed to get better by the third quarter. There were several plays where whiffs occurred on both sides of the line and communication seemed to be the root of their issues.

If this offense is going to find momentum, it’s needs to start with the run game.



Tyler Lockett

Last year the rookie receiver had three touchdowns against the Niners in two games. Russell and Tyler connected on deep balls, surgically splitting the 49ers secondary.

I believe that Lockett and Wilson’s relationship will only continue to grow and flourish. Look for Wilson to target Lockett consistently as a focal point of the offense. Jimmy Graham and Doug Baldwin may receive most of the receiving attention from opposing defenses but Tyler’s abilities shouldn’t be dismissed. Look for these two to connect on a deep touchdown on Sunday.

3 Responses

  1. Doug

    How about a turnover from the D? As good as the D was vs the Rams, the Hawks needed a big play/turnover badly in the game. Against Gabbert at home, I like the chances for the D to not only dominate but also get that game-altering turnover. How about an INT return for a TD by Sherman? He hasn’t had one of those for a while.

    • pkgoode

      Agree, although TOs will continue to be harder to come by. Opposing QBs just don’t take risks against the Seahawk defense. Richard Sherman will be lucky to see a half-dozen fade passes the entire season, for example.

      The best way that I can think of to force TOs is by blitzing more, but that comes with risks that so far Seattle hasn’t been willing to expose itself to.

      But we do need them — they are the best way to play on a short field. Last week, we saw happens when an injured has to start possessions from average of the 17 yard line.

  2. Robin

    Really like to see the special teams play improve…no punt and KO returns = bad field position……no bueno…guys are not blocking well on the seams….and yes…the D needs turnovers and hte coaches need to shuffle their play call deck….Carrols mantra to keep on doing what we do has translated to everyone knows how to play the Hawks…they got us figured out. Wish the coaches would get a clue.