Time to Stand with the Seahawks

I love this country. I consider myself lucky to have been born into it, and I would fight to protect it. That does not mean it is perfect. There is a continuing escalation of violence between police officers and minorities. Pointing fingers and placing blame is both easy and dangerous. Taking steps to make our country safer by looking for real answers to this problem is harder and necessary.

I do not claim to have the answers. I am a middle-aged white guy with two kids living in the suburbs. I am neither a person of color nor a police officer. What I am is a citizen. Protecting the America I know is about more than going to foreign lands and fighting those who oppose us. It is about fighting for the ideals that this country was founded on wherever they are threatened. I want law-abiding citizens to feel safe when they walk our streets. I want police officers to both be protectors of us and protected by us.

Link arms during the anthem

This will not just go away. That is why my son and I will stand with the Seahawks this Sunday during the anthem with arms linked. It is gesture that I encourage all those in attendance to consider. Seattle is a proud city. We do not have to solve this problem for the whole country. Let’s start right here.

I have reached out to Seahawks players about how we can get involved beyond the symbolic gesture of linking arms during the anthem. The page below will be updated as we get more details.

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Seattle Stands United

I know there will be people who are angry about this. My hope is that you will come to see that linking arms with fellow citizens is a show of support for what this country is meant to be. There is nothing more American than working together toward a better union.

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  1. A QB is ineffective if they throw an uncatchable ball, and sitting/kneeling anthem protests are ineffective and divisive because the most of the “receivers” don’t hear the call intended and are not running the route the “QB” wants…
    Glad to see my Seahawks elevating the conversation with unity and respect. It’s a much better way.
    Our flag and anthem have always been an aspiration and goal to who we can and will become as a people, a call to the journey and not a declaration of arrival.
    Linked arms in spirit with you Sunday, love hope and strength to all.

  2. It’s not just minorities, whites have their rights abused by the police as well. It’s not that cops are bad people, the problem is the system protects individual abusers from punishment. How many times have we seen citizens be abused and the offending officer get a paid vacation while an internal investigation discovers the officers were following “official police procedures” and then the taxpayers get stuck with a huge settlement from the resulting civil suit.

    It’s normal for anyone in this situation to eventually believe they are above the law and will face no repercussions, it’s not the individuals at fault, it’s the system. When the system changes and individuals are held accountable (both offending officers and those involved in cover ups) with jail time and financially then things will change for the better.

    I hate that people are saying this is racially motivated, I think that’s short-sighted and won’t lead to real change. I like how the Hawks are handling their protest – players of all races getting together and not pointing fingers but showing their solidarity and raising awareness. Hopefully the proper change takes place.

  3. National Anthem
    I am really tired of this. The N/A is a tradition if you want if you really want to make a change get all the players from all the teams anyone together and buy a tickets for anyone who wants to go to WA. DC. like (Vietnam) and make a stand that’s the only way to get there attention. Sitting at home and sending them a email wont work

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