I love the Seahawks. I love football. I love writing. This blog is the result of a compulsion that most would consider borderline clinical. It is something that I would do–and did do–with no readers. As I approach 1000 posts, five years of learning, and thousands of great Seahawks fan to interact with, it is time to attempt something new, in addition to the content I already create. I have always wanted to write a book, and the Seahawks 2012 training camp is going to be the starting point. I don’t know exactly how it will come together, but I hope that some of you will come along for the ride. All profits from this project will go to Ben’s Fund.

Those of you that read this blog regularly may remember my series on Chris Carter last pre-season that followed a Hard Knocks-style look behind the scenes of a football player going through training camp. I am thrilled to announce that Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin have agreed to allow me to follow them through camp this year. My feature stories on Sherman and Baldwin are among the most popular articles to date on this blog. Hawk Knocks will take us deeper into their lives as their careers evolve in their second NFL season. I expect to work with other players as well, both less established rookies and older veterans that have less certain spots on the final roster. My goal is to go well beyond football, and tell the human story behind the ups and downs of making a career of being a pro football player. You will not find breaking news, but there will be a narrative that gives you a perspective into your favorite football team that you may never have seen before. 
Camp opens in three days, and the specifics are not nailed down.  The hope is that chapters of the book will be published before each pre-season game, so you won’t need to wait for training camp to end before getting access. Stay tuned for details. Your support, interest, and patience is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Dayna O.

    This is AWESOME! Nice job! Sherman and Baldwin are two of my favorite players. It will be fun to read all about camp from their point of view.

  2. J. K. L.

    Brian, your writing is the shit! I love the flow, style and more importantly your unique perspective. I too have a 'die-hard' love/addiction for the hawks and HB is my medicine! I look forward to hearing all that this up-and-coming hawks squad has in store. Appreciate your passion and desire to see things differently.


  3. Dennis

    Good luck with the book, and yours is the most anticipated daily website visit. The only person out content generating you is Sando!


  4. Anonymous

    Hey… this sounds great… can't wait to read what you've got to say… 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks, sounds incredible! All you other fans know about fieldgulls.com right? Between these two sites and Danny O'Neill I get enough Hawks to sustain the fanaticism! Go Hawks!!